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it takes all of 4 min to install it also does not depend on your wifi driver or the router's firmware and the wifi interface can be changed and the installer is a separate executable cajunspice: nice! I've yet to find a compressed installer to match in ubiquity, but maybe I'm blind :) I haven't been able to find one either you might be able to build your own iso without ubiquity but I'd like to see how far the initrd stage goes before I start cutting up packages, so to speak the target would be to have an image that, upon first boot, would boot a recovery terminal then the user would enter a root shell that's it, it would boot to a recovery terminal after that the user would reboot and be booted into whatever os they want but I'm not sure I could pull that off, because then there'd have to be a separate user-level init script and all the usual stuff like resizing filesystems you would have to handle these things yourself Yep, sounds like more work than a single installer solution this is the link to the thread Thanks, I'll have a look. not the ubuntu-specific tools, but maybe they can help I'd like to use the ubuntu installer for the other tools that I'm working on unfortunately, I can't think of a good way to do that without going into a single image mode and if I went into single image mode I have to deal with the wifi configuration stuff the other things



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Hitman Absolution Highly Compressed 10mb

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